• Java 8 or above.

  • Spigot server for Minecraft 1.8 or above. Forks, such as Paper and Pufferfish are supported.

  • Vault plugin.

  • Vault-hooked permissions plugin (LuckPerms is highly recommended).


  • PlaceholderAPI plugin, if you wish to use PAPI placeholders in menus or messages.

Basic Installation

  1. Download GrantX from SpigotMC or BuiltByBit.

  2. Move the JAR file into the "plugins" folder of your server directory.

  3. Restart your server. GrantX will be disabled if this is your first time installing the plugin.

  4. Go to settings.yml in GrantX's config directory and find the "commands" section.

  5. Follow the comments to set the required commands. You can also contact our support team for premade commands for popular permissions plugins including LuckPerms, UltraPermissions, PermissionsEx, and GroupManager.

  6. Restart your server again. GrantX should now be enabled!

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