Developer API

Setting Up

If you have not puchased GrantX

Go to and import the latest release (or the release you want) into your IDE or build configuration.

If you purchased GrantX

Simply import the actual plugin (GrantX's JAR) into your IDE or build configuration.

You cannot shade the API or compile it into your own JAR. The API is already provided in the actual plugin.



There are currently 3 events in the API:

You can use these as you would with vanilla Bukkit events, as such:

public class MyAddonEvent implements Listener {
  public void onGrantActivate(GrantActivateEvent e) {
    // Code here

As with normal events, you need to register the event in your onEnable method.

Bukkit.getPluginManager().registerListeners(new MyAddonEvent(), this);

Each of these events are called with a dev.demeng.grantx.api.Grant object, which contains information about the grant that has been activated, expired, or revoked. Access this object by using #getGrant(). Methods in this class are documented (click here).

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