Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Setup

  • Why are my arenas not working?

    • Make sure that your spawn/lobby and arenas are in the world "world"

  • How do I setup the event maps?

    • All the maps for events go in the world "event", use /gotoevent

  • Can Frost be 100% customized?

    • No, customization has a limit, as on any publicly available plugin, there's some technically bumps that currently don't allow Frost to be 100% configurable.

    • That being said, about 85% ~ 90% of Frost can be customized.

Custom Tablist & Arena Copies

  • When using the Custom Tablist, I have some errors...

    • Make sure you're using:

      • ViaVersion 4.0.1

      • ViaRewind 2.0.1

  • When using the Arena Manager to create copies, I have errors...

    • Make sure you're using:

      • FastAsyncWorldEdit for 1.8.8 Spigots

Suggestions and Bug Reports

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